• Alma Doepel under restoration at Docklands (click to view virtual tour)
  • State Library of Victoria (click to view virtual tour)
  • Fitzroy Town Hall with glass jar batteries in the tower (click to view virtual tour)
  • Hidden Melbourne (click to get in contact)
  • Collingwood Sailors & Soldiers Memorial Hall (click to view virtual tour)
  • Capitol Theatre and its magnificent ceiling (click to view virtual tour)
  • Steamrail Victoria locomotive restoration (click to view virtual tour)
  • Collingwood Town Hall ornate roof (click to view virtual tour)
  • Fire Services Museum old control room (click to view virtual tour)
  • Box Hill Brickworks derelict and graffiti-covered (click to view virtual tour)
  • Labassa Caulfield stained glass (click to view 2 virtual tours)
  • Newport Substation old insulator (click to view virtual tour)
  • Hidden Melbourne (click to get in contact)
  • Shipping control tower now derelict at Docklands (click to view virtual tour)
  • Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne (click to view virtual tour)
  • APM factory derelict pump house (click to view virtual tour)
  • Rippon Lea Estate across the rooftops (click to view virtual tour)
  • Robin Boyd Walsh Street House (click to view virtual tour)
  • Hawthorn Arts Centre behind the clocks (click to view virtual tour)
  • Canterbury Gardens urban tranquility (click to view virtual tour)


Barney Meyer, photographer


We are two photographers —
Mark Hassed and Barney Meyer.
Hidden Melbourne is our brainchild.

We're using our skills in high dynamic range photography and 360° virtual tours to reveal hidden parts of our city.


Mark Hassed photographer

Hidden Melbourne

What are we about?

Three things…

Hidden, forgotten, neglected

We feature “hidden” locations using 360° virtual tours and photos. These are places which are unknown, inaccessible or simply overlooked. A perfect example is the many clocktowers around the city, highly visible, but the interior is hidden. Later on, in book form we will feature the best sites and their historic background.


Development must take place but we regret all those places knocked down before being properly recorded. Using virtual tours we can create a lasting record of the fabric of Melbourne. A 360° virtual tour of a building created prior to redevelopment will let future generations see the what was there and “walk” inside.


People research businesses and tourist attractions every day on the internet. We want to give owners of such places the ability to give people an online walk in from the street and a tour of their facility. This is part of our commercial activities. If you would like a tour created of your public space or business please contact us.