Gillies Pies and Crystal Ice

Yes, the ice works really was called “Crystal Ice”

One of the biggest pastry goods manufacturers outside Melbourne has suddenly closed its packing factory in Bendigo, leaving current workers shocked and old employees reminiscing.

The iconic Bendigo-born Gillies Pies, which began in 1950, no longer has ties to the town where it began.

Even though their famous pies were no longer being made in Bendigo, the packaging and distribution remained there after a Geelong-based bakery took over the company.

Last weekend's sudden factory closure means the much-loved pie will now be entirely made, packed and distributed outside Bendigo.

“It's sad when you have to rely on Geelong to supply Bendigo,” Garren Wilkinson, who worked for Gillies Pies for 25 years, said…

Source: ABC News

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