Why choose us?

Why you should choose us to create your virtual tour!

Hidden Melbourne logoOnce you've decided to have a Virtual Tour of your business why choose us to make it for you?

Nowadays a huge amount of shopping is done on line. People browse and search, often for hours prior to committing to a buying decision.

We create beautiful, custom Virtual Tours to bring customers to your door.

Please contact us to find out more.

Read on below to see why we are the smart decision for you.


You can let us show all of your business or just selected parts in any sequence you want. Large buildings can be shown at low cost because you only need to include the best bits.

Links to your contentLinks

You can have us add links to audio, video, web pages or documents you supply which you can update yourself. For example, when your prices change you just plug in the new price list.

QualityHigh quality

Your panoramas are high quality (high dynamic range) providing clear detail, good colour, no pixellation and can be zoomed. Super high resolution panoramas can be created on request.

Map iconMaps and floor plans

You can have maps integrated maps so that people can find you. We can also create floor plans to guide customers through your premises.
Click here to see an example.


You can add music, sound effects or voice to your tour. This can be across all scenes or just selected ones.


You can have video seamlessly merged into a panorama. This is amazing technology and must be seen to be appreciated.
Click here to see an example.

MoneyLow ongoing cost

The cost of our tours includes one, two or three years of free hosting. After that hosting is only $66 per year. Or, if you choose to host the tour yourself, there are no ongoing costs ever.


Your tour can be designed and branded so that it's unique to your business. Every tour we create is crafted to your needs and specifications, not mass produced to a fixed formula.


You own the tour we create for you. If you want complete control we will upload the files to your own servers so you can host them yourself. We can even create portable tours that will run without an internet connection.

PersonPeople friendly

Including customers and staff makes tours lively and realistic. Our tours are people friendly. Unlike scanning technologies, you don't have to evacuate the area while we work.


Your tours will be hosted on super fast servers located in Australia. That means they load with maximum speed giving viewers a more enjoyable experience.

PencilSimple updates

Your tour can be updated and added to. We don’t have to redo the entire tour every time you need changes. We just update or add the scenes you want.