Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne virtual tour

About the Royal Exhibition Building

This tour is of the magnificent Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. It's one of the few such buildings surviving in the world.
Location: 9 Nicholson Street, Melbourne, Australia, in the Carlton Gardens
Built for: Melbourne International Exhibition 1880-81
Hosted: First Australian Parliament 1901
UNESCO world heritage status: 2004 (first Australian building)
Designed by: Joseph Reed
Built by: David Mitchell
Notable fact: Sydney had a similar exhibition building which was totally destroyed by fine in 1882

About this virtual tour

The tour has a lot of nice features:

  1. “Fly in” at the opening to feature the incredible ceiling
  2. Ability to zoom (use mouse wheel)
  3. Ability to go full screen (click on the “Enter fullscreen” icon bottom left)
  4. Autorotation
  5. “Splash” screen
  6. Drop down menu top left for easy navigation
  7. Picture of building with navigation points top left
  8. Navigation menu bottom left

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