It is a long slog, but that’s what we planned for. The old photographers were panorama maniacs, they wanted a wide view. They got on top of every tower and high point in the city to capture the view. This was not as easy as today, they had to carry a lot of gear up towers (read about Walter Woodbury and the Gasworks Tower Unfortunately some of the plates from those excursions are missing. Hidden Melbourne is very busy filling in those gaps with images captured by other old photographers, and also views captured by us. This historic panorama captured by Nettleton in 1883 fromRead More →

Hidden Melbourne historic tour now includes a photographic panorama of Melbourne captured by Water Woodbury in 1855 from the 195 ft high chimney of the new gasworks, thought to be an Australian first. These were the years of the birth of modern photography. At the age of merely 21 he took his wet-plate camera, tripod, portable darkroom and his chemicals and was hoisted in a ‘proper cradle’ by means of the ‘small steam-engine’ up to the room at the top of the chimney. An early adoptee of the new Collodion Process, he used a glass plate coated with a collodion (cellulose nitrate) to which a soluble iodideRead More →

Hidden Melbourne allows you to travel through time an space with our virtual tour from the birth of Melbourne up to the present day. The birth of Melbourne was also the birth of photography and we have taken the opportunity to walk in the steps of the first image makers who captured the city during it’s birth and growth.  In 1841 Samuel Jackson created a highly accurate and detailed 360° panoramic view of Melbourne (Camera Lucida, projection sketched on paper). In 1875 the Paterson Bros captured a view from the same location during construction of a new spire (Glass plates coated with collodion, sensitised withRead More →

In November 2016 Friends Of The Auburn Tower held an opening night to launch the TOWER PANORAMA by Hidden Melbourne. Former premier Ted Baillieu gave a stirring speech about the “Power of Towers” to enable us to see distant views and make visual connections to other high places surrounding us. The TOWER PANORAMA is a high resolution 360° panoramic view from the spire which has been printed and mounted on the four walls inside the tower. It will be used in guided tours and enable those who cannot climb to the top, to be able to enjoy the view. The panorama is also an electronic interface, as we haveRead More →

Hidden Melbourne brings you the view from the tower at Auburn Uniting Church. Starting with a high resolution 260Mpx panoramic view, head down the steep ladders of the tower into the church. The towertop panorama has been printed very wide, with four faces on wallpaper, affixed to a board and mounted to the four face inside of the tower. This view opens up visual connections between the city and the eastern suburbs, which will allow further visual connections between towers to be made.

Hidden Melbourne set out to take viewers to the hidden places in Melbourne. Town Hall clocktowers are amongst the most visible but also most hidden places in our city. In the past, citizens of Melbourne relied on the clocks to tell time and usually would be able to see a tower from wherever they were in the city. That’s why we thought it a great idea to show viewers what lurks inside the clocktowers (ancient mechanisms lovingly cared for, rickety ladders and stairs). Nowadays, many modern high-rise buildings intervene, that’s why we are extending our range of view with high resolution aerial panoramas, so thatRead More →