Hidden Melbourne brings you the view from the tower at Auburn Uniting Church. Starting with a high resolution 260Mpx panoramic view, head down the steep ladders of the tower into the church. http://www.hiddenmelbourne.com.au/AuburnUnitingChurch The Facebook panorama is low resolution, the full resolution panorama can be printed very wide, they plan to print the four faces on wallpaper and stick them to the inside of the tower.😅

Hidden Melbourne set out to take viewers to the hidden places in Melbourne. Town Hall clocktowers are amongst the most visible but also most hidden places in our city. In the past, citizens of Melbourne relied on the clocks to tell time and usually would be able to see a tower from wherever they were in the city. That’s why we thought it a great idea to show viewers what lurks inside the clocktowers (ancient mechanisms lovingly cared for, rickety ladders and stairs). Nowadays, many modern high-rise buildings intervene, that’s why we are extending our range of view with high resolution aerial panoramas, so thatRead More →

Our City Tour has been under construction for some time, expanding as we add new locations and features. TIME TRAVEL from present to the past and vice versa is a great feature that we are building in. Historic panoramic images from the 1800’s have been added and soon we will be able to show you what the city looked like in the past. Click on this image to see the new menu structure. Check out the amazing “Barrel Panorama” sketched by architect Samuel Jackson in 1841 under the menu “Scots Church”. He sat inside a barrel and sketched the surroundings very accurately, which meant thatRead More →